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Steel Furniture

Create an atmosphere with steel furniture

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or you’re simply redecorating, steel furniture is the ideal complement to any décor. Whether you’re putting in extensive gates and balustrades or simply accenting your personal style with select steel chandeliers or pieces of furniture, our high quality, unique pieces will help you to create an atmosphere that is relaxing, satisfying – and completely YOU.

Invest in the future with our solid design

One of the greatest things about steel furniture is that you’re investing for the future. With our solid design and quality construction, any furniture you purchase today will last for generation. Our lovely pieces might even become your newest family heirlooms!

Variety of styles and various combinations of steel

We offer a huge variety of styles and in various combinations of steel, wood, glass and leather – each at outstanding prices. Each piece is styled with exceptional attention to detail, with each curl, swirl and corner formed precisely as it should be.

Our beautiful dining tables will be your absolute pride and joy when you get your family together for the next holiday. Capable of sitting a small party of six or a tribe of 14, we’ll meet whatever size you’re looking for.

Mix and match your table with our wide variety of chairs and barstools. We’ve got plain, multi-purpose styles, and pieces that are downright luxurious. Styles range from delicate latticework to elaborate la bella to stylish (yet functional)combinations of wood and steel.

Decorate your living room or patio with our lovely selection of settees and benches, accented with gorgeous side tables. Not only is the metal work impressive, but we incorporate beautiful natural materials like Rhodesian teak for a subtle touch of luxury.

Even if you’re looking for something more functional, you don’t have to compromise beauty when you choose from our selection of beautifully designed shelves. From free-standing to wall mounted, and from simple to ornate, you can store your stuff in style with our beautiful steel and wood pieces.

But don’t stop there! Turn your bedroom into your personal retreat by dressing it up in style. Put in a beautiful headboard or go all-out with an elegant four-poster bed flanked by matching nightstands and a dresser. We even offer custom designs, so your bedroom décor is only limited by your imagination!


Don’t forget that lighting is what really brings your décor together, so splurge a little on some gorgeous chandeliers. Ornate or modern, elaborate or minimalistic, we’ve got something for every style.

Steel Gates and Fences

Finally, surround your home in style with our beautiful gates and fences. Guests to your home will immediately take note of your sense of style when they walk through your beautifully styled front gates. Here again, our gates, fences and balustrades can be made to fit any style you’re aiming for. From solid wood and steel gates to ornately worked steel to a simple picket fence, we’ve got them all, so be bold!


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