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Make a style statement with the addition of living room chairs.

You may think it is difficult to give your living room some sprucing up, but it may not be the chore that you think. Some of those folk with that special decorating instinct might really look forward to it. A living room should be designed as one of the most inviting and comfortable rooms in the home. The trend today therefore is all about suites and not the traditional living room chair. Of course, one does not want to sacrifice on comfort for the sake of style, but there are ways to plan to bring some pizzazz into your lounging space.

One must be careful not to try too much to classify the living area into a particular genre. The danger is that you lose all the functionality of the room and you are left with a display room that is nice to look at but not welcoming. The balance can be struck between style and comfort while experimenting with form. It seems to have become the standard in modern day design to decide on the form around the centre piece sofa that one has. This does not have to be the case. Why do we think that if we want to lounge around and relax, we have to do it on a sofa? Are living room chairs almost extinct?

As you plan your lounge area, you may plan to bring an end to the monotonous, boring trend that has come into our living rooms and think about bringing a few individual living room chairs back in. With these chairs in your space you open up and create conversation areas in less space. You can also play with colour and fabric and make design statements with these pieces of furniture. Take measurements of your living area and map out what you can fit in and how you can lay it out. This way you get a good idea of size and spacing. Keep some walking space in between the chairs where necessary as well as leg room for those seated.

Perhaps you think that chairs are too bold a statement for the modern designs of today. A few concessions can be made around the type of chair that you choose. Somehow, a leather chair seems to be a more intermediate choice as you gather the gusto to go against the trends. One does not need to go so bold with the color choice and leather is good looking and long lasting. If you would like to bring a classy look into your design, think about the leather club chair. The types that were used in those exclusive men’s clubs or country clubs in times gone by. They come with a sense of nostalgia from and era of comfort and elegance.

Fabric could however be the right choice for you. Either you find that the maintenance of leather over time would be tedious, or you are open to adding some color and texture. With the application of stain-proofing and dust-proofing, fabric chairs are hassle free. Choosing the right fabric is fun and certainly adds variety and a unique character to a living space. The armchair types designed with a long back, upholstered arms and winged headrests on the sides bring in a particularly impressive feel to a room. There are a delightful number of styles to choose from, let alone colors. This really allows one to go to town with your unique touch and creativity.


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