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Restore your antiques successfully

It may be a wonder to you how some people find aged dusty pieces of furniture from another era attractive. Some collect it and spend a great deal of money on it, while others do not want to update their old furniture for new. With all the years of use these furniture items often lose their shine and also their strength. While connoisseurs and collectors know their value and admit that they are not for everyday use, these antiques do need some restoration to ensure they last into the future. With the nature of wood, or perhaps moving parts and rusty metal, care needs to be taken to restore these pieces into good condition. Some people may be forced to continue using older items of furniture for financial reasons and need to upkeep them so they can be made good use of. The nature of antiques means that it must retain its aged look of a bygone era which means that restoring old furniture actually becomes an art in itself.

Antique restoration comes in different categories. It usually depends on the type of repairs and the nature of the spare parts that are required. Some pieces may require knobs or handles to be replaced, other items will need hinges or lock plates. Often these items are specially made from brass or bronze and are frequently engraved or etched. These would have to be manufactured by an expert. Purchasing antique furniture and planning to fix up broken pieces is not a job for just anybody, especially if you are intent in retaining its value. One does not want a nasty, irremovable stain on a Victorian era Armchair because one tried to do the job oneself without the correct knowledge. Restoration falls into other categories when there are inlaid plates required or engravings or even some antique clock parts. Today there are professional companies that will this do this work for you.

You may be an expert at recognizing and collecting old furniture, but maintaining it correctly is another matter. Dealing with rusting metal parts, weather damaged woods or missing pieces, all these jobs require the right tools and skills. The first step in the process is examining the item. Here one looks at the current condition and forecasts the look you would like it to have at the end of the process. Ones next step is documentation. This can be done throughout the process but an initial photograph and description is required to reference at alter stages. The next step is to begin the cleaning. This should be done with a bristled brush or soft cloth. All the dirt and grime that has built up over time needs to be removed. Metal furniture would need specialized de-rusting fluids and other processes in order for them to maintain their look.

One can then move onto the final stage – that of the actual repair. All the issues that were pre-existing can now be addressed, repairing or replacing now takes place. If there was any damage done during the cleaning phase, this would now be fixed. Joints, castors, hinges, repainting all of these can now be addressed. While some people may feel that they are up to attempting all of these above steps themselves, the rest of us can call in a professional. Because of an increased trend in collecting antiques, many companies are now offering restoration services. This skill entails so many different processes for different items and can go from treating, oiling, colour fast decorating to technique painting. This requires faultless detail and highly accurate application of skill. If any of the steps are not done correctly it could leave a permanent stain or it could damage the item forever.    

One can do various searches for an antique restorer in your area. Not only do we have off-line paper sources, but now we have the internet to link us up with possible experts. Online, one can get all the details, pictures and rates that one needs to make a decision. There are classified ads, home magazines and other directories to consult. For increased credibility try to ask someone that you know if they can give you a referral for work they had done. Be sure to check out the portfolio and referrals of anyone that you are considering. Some people are now offering the service of collecting and delivering the furniture to your premises. There is every reason to start keeping you eyes peeled for those old classics to add charm to your living room. 


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