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Protecting and restoring your wooden furniture

Have you just bought a new patio set? Or perhaps your old set of sun loungers are in desperate need of some TLC. Once you invest in quality wooden furniture, you want to be able to protect and care for it properly. Whether it''''s the dining room table, a favourite rocking chair, or outdoor furniture, if this furniture is well taken care of, it will not only add functionality to the style of the room, it can often become the focal point of that room. So whether your furniture is new or in a state of disrepair, ordinary or antique, it can look better with the right care.
Removing watermarks on your wooden furniture 

In most homes there will be unavoidable wear and tear on furniture. One of the most common blemishes that are found on the surfaces of old wooden furniture is water spots or white marks. White spots and water marks are areas of severe discolouration, normally caused by water, alcohol, or hot objects being placed on the surface such as a cigarettes or a hot drink. How you remove them depends on the size of the mark, the depth of the imperfection, and even the type of finish of the wood. For many shallow discolorations or imperfections, it''''s best to use a mild approach as taking furniture in to a professional refinisher is expensive.

Follow the following simple DIY tips on restoring your wooden furniture.
  • Spread 2 Tablespoons of mayonnaise on a paper towel. Lay the towel on the water mark and press lightly. Leave the mayonnaise on the stain for about 15 minutes. As with all stains, the sooner it is treated, the better. Leave the mayonnaise on overnight for older stains. Once the stain is gone, polish the wooden furniture as normal.
  • The combination of mineral oil and table salt will also help to remove water stains. Dip your finger in the mineral oil and then in table salt. Gently rub the affected area until the stain is removed. Wipe off excess residue and polish as normal.
Products to look for when restoring your wooden furniture

A high-quality restoring product combines soft beeswax to bring back the luster, carnauba wax for a durable shine, and solvents to slightly soften the existing finish and blend it with the new. The friction of buffing warms the polish and helps push it into the grain of the wood, and thus restoring the original luster of the wood. You can also use a restoring product to tone up or tone down new wood, fill in small surface scratches and chips on older surfaces or antiques, or achieve special effects in woodcraft projects. Be sure to choose a product that''''s available with a clear coat as well as an array of light, medium and dark wood tones, so you can choose one close to the original finish or create special effects with contrasting shades.

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