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                    Living Room Design for Tiny Homes

When you welcome someone into your home, you don’t want them to enter straight into a dull, dreary living room.
To have them greeted by style that was unexpected in a smaller more compact room, would make the impact that you want. Imagine that they walk into a room that is spacious and bright, that catches the eye and jumps out at you. One may think that it is not easy to present this feel in a room that is not nearly big enough, but wait for it, there is opportunity for you.

Housing needs have changed so much, particularly with designs in the urban apartments, that designers have now got templates and stylish design ideas for small spaces. This means that there are so many more ideas that you could utilize as you transform your pocket-sized living area. Be aware not to bring in too much stuff into a smaller space. You may want to lighten and cheer it up. But in fact the opposite would
occur. Too much clutter can make a room look messy and crowded. When going for a modern look, one is really heading toward minimalism. Using this as your guide you will have the ideas to design an area in your home that is exciting and chic.

Using a minimalist approach will allow a space to appear more open and roomy. The spacious look will be enhanced by the lean design theme and your careful choice of materials and bright, modern accessories. Do not use this as an opportunity to pick any bright color scheme. It is
important to pick the correct color palette for the space. You do have the choice to paint a slightly darker shade or perhaps a more vivid color than one may ordinarily recommend and get away with it. When doing this, however, make sure that you don’t use different bright colors on each of the walls. A room with one color followed through on all the walls, will definitely appear larger than one with different shades on each wall.

One can certainly get some great ideas and tips as you browse design magazines and catalogues. You can make color decisions based on your visits to shops and from the pages of a catalogue and styles and colors of fabric and curtaining could be individualized in this way. These kinds of additions and accessories can bring personal character to your room, while staying with the modern theme and enhancing your roomy feel. It may be a challenge to lay out the design for a small room, but it is well worth the effort to put it together thoughtfully.

Setting your furniture out in the right places can have an impact on how spacious the room appears. When one uses the practice of feng shui, this entails never placing a piece of furniture close to any of the access points of a room. Perhaps you aren’t into the eastern philosophy of feng shui, but it can make a lot of sense when looking for the illusion of space. Choose pieces of furniture for your living room that are not too big. It is certainly true that a compact, medium sized sofa can seat people just as well as a larger choice. This smaller choice will also provide some much needed extra breathing room. Style need not be compromised on even when you feel that there is not enough space to work with. The research and personal style that comes from your part is essentially what you can contribute to a living area that says something.


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