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What are interior designers talking about when they refer to texture being an important component when decorating a room? And more importantly, can we add that texture into our rooms without paying a fortune for interior decorators?

You have a colour scheme for your room and you probably have some, if not most, of the furnishing. Now you need to consider how to bring interest into the room by means of texture. All surfaces have texture whether smooth or rough, shiny or matt. Textured surfaces affect colour as they either reflect or absorb light. Rough textures, like a warm hued carpet, will absorb light while smooth textures, like stainless steel appliances, will reflect light.

Just as you think about colour and pattern, also consider how you can mix textures in your home. According to Michael Taylor, of The Finest Rooms, each room must contain the element of contrast- in forms as well as in colours and textures. Texture adds interest and character to a room. We often replicate nature in our designs because of the interesting textures and colours we find outdoors. Brown, mottled rough bark of the tree against smooth glossy green leaves, interspersed with cream soft puffs of blooms. Nature takes the lead and we copy. We translate what we see in nature into our living area with a brown suede and wood lounge suite accented with soft cream knitted shatter cushions and green curtains and perhaps a bottle green vase on the coffee table.

Some of the textures you can incorporate into your room are: stone, glass, wood, cork, leather and metal. The first five are probably already in most rooms so we will draw your attention to the possibilities with metal. Add contrast in your room by using metal chandeliers to bring not only light but also a focal point to your room. Or make it a stairway to heaven by adding a wrought iron balustrade. Our sister company African balustrades and steelworks can assist you with both of these finishing touches. In fact, whether it is curtain rails, door handles or gates you are looking for, consider African Balustrades and steelworks as your final destination.
Wrought iron furniture is making a comeback into contemporary interior design. It is often teamed with glass in tables or wall mounted servers or with leather for dinning room chairs and settees. Or how about updating your bedroom with a wrought iron, wood and leather headrest or perhaps a four poster bed would suit your suite?

With a touch of texture you will add a whole new dimension to your decorating. Explore and enjoy.


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