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Decorating ideas with colour and accessories
Play around with colour and have fun! Choose one colour to dominate your room then add two or three other colours to contrast your main colour.

Ways to bring in colour:
  • Painting your walls
  • Neutral colours are great for things you don''t want to change to often like the colour of your walls and maybe your curtains.
  • Bring in colour by playing with fabrics, scatter cushions, linen and rugs. Vases, candles and picture frames are also cheaper ways of bringing in bright colours and patterns and you can replace them at any time, depending on the season or your mood.
Interior Decorating with Paint
Paint is an effective way to instantly change the look and feel of a room. A coat of paint will make a room look and feel cozy or clean and fresh. It can make a room look formal or laid back, bigger or smaller.
Pop in at your local paint or hardware store and check out the huge selection of pallets to choose from.

Interior decorating on a budget
Accessories add personality to your home making it different to any other home. Your personality is what will make your home unique and comfortable and inviting.

The fabric and texture and colour of your Curtains will give your room a distinct feel and personality.

Linen/scatter cushions
Here you can play! You can buy ''cheapish'' scatter cushions from various chain stores and you can chop and change them as often as the seasons change or wherever you mood takes you. It''s a cheaper way to change the look of any bedroom, lounge or TV/family room or patio. You can choose fabrics, prints and colours that will contrast or complement your main colour.

Shop around. Maybe even visit an antique fair where you can find wonderful rugs that can tell a thousand tales. They''ve got a bit of character and have a ''worn in'' look, if you that''s what you like. It''s worth your while spending on good quality rugs for a lounge or bedroom, Persians are an investment! On the other hand you can also find great rugs at chain stores to use in kids rooms and bathroom and it''ll change the look of a room instantly.

Interior decorating with Paintings and Pictures
You get paintings which are expensive and considered an investment, then you get painted pictures or drawings done by your 7 year old that are priceless. What one person considers a work of art another may think is a piece of junk. It''s personal, you have to look at it and enjoy it, so, buy what you like and can afford. One thing''s for sure a nice painting or picture will change the appearance of any room, it''ll brighten it and add warmth and character.
Framed photos and pictures also give a room a feeling of warmth and happiness. Share your memories with others while they''re also a reminder to you of the good times you''ve had. Photos and pictures will give your spot a lived in and homely atmosphere.
Mirrors are also great for decoration, they instantly enlarge a small space. It spreads light and colour around a room, in some places a nice mirror is more effective than a painting.

Use Plants and Flowers to decorate your living room
Plants add life and natural colour to our homes. It softens a room and makes if more pleasing and attractive. An attractive pot or container can also change the look and feel or a room.
Then there''s nothing to beat a vase with freshly cut flowers. Flowers blend in with any room decor. By changing the colour or type of flowers you can change the ambiance of a room.
Whether you place St Josephs'' Lilies, a bunch of long-stemmed roses or a mixed spray of flowers in a vase it is always a splendid accessory in a home.

Interior decorating with Lighting
The lighting of any room is very important, a dark room is depressing and seems small. Good lighting changes a room and is beautiful fittings are decorative, picture a magnificent Chandelier in a living area or entrance hall will immediately beautify the space. It makes a statement! Lighting serves a function by providing light but it is also decorative.
For amazing chandeliers check out African Furniture Merchants'' product page.

Do yourself a favour and have a look at the magnificent range of furniture and lighting African Furniture Merchants have to offer, you won't be disappointed.

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