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Bathroom Design Ideas

Contemporary style in your bathroom

Home-buyers these days tend to be easily sold by the contemporary modern bathroom design. One would describe this style as streamlined, sleek and even as brutally minimalist. Fixtures and faucets are all in a stark modern chrome design and this is very popular with home owners who are looking to remodel their bathrooms. A downside however is that this bold and simple look of the contemporary design is not always pleasant if you have to see it and live in it on a daily basis. The look can be difficult to maintain with daily use, keeping the bathroom in a pristine and neat condition. Read further to discover if this modern design is right for your home.

What elements make up the contemporary bathroom design

Digging a bit deeper into what elements make up the contemporary bathroom design, it appears to be simple clean lines, open spaces and minimalism. When one comes into a room with this design, it immediately looks pleasing to the eye with a vast uninterrupted expanse of gleaming tiles and glossy fixtures. When it comes to daily use however, these factors become a problem. What a real bathroom needs is space to store items needed for personal grooming such as brushes, creams, contact lenses etc. One will find precious little of this room in a modern styled bathroom.

Space for every day bathroom items

A sacrifice is made on the space one needs for every day items in a bathroom, for a sleek and modern look. Everyone may admire it, but is it practical to live with? It is not to say that storage space is not given any allowance within the modern contemporary design. One can include a small vanity with some space for necessary items. If you do choose this design you can look for the largest vanity possible without ruining the look that you are trying to achieve, although the style does not allow for much.

Material to use for bathroom countertops

One can make a strong statement in your bathroom with the vanity you do choose. Ensuring that it fits in nicely with the counter top next to it will show off this space to its best advantage. Within the modern bathroom, a countertop takes up a fair amount of space allowing it to make a design statement of its own. There are a number of choices one can make regarding material to use. Choose a surface with depth to it so it can stand on its own as a major part of the design. Homeowners are tending toward gleaming granite and glass. Should you give a thought to marble, it is probably best to leave that to the more traditional bathroom designs.

Planning a modern bathroom

As you look into this contemporary design for your home you will be starting to get a picture of the philosophy behind the planning of a modern bathroom. Looking at colour, for example, people tend to favour the neutral colours, as well as black. Neutral colours on the walls or black and shades of neutral on the backsplash tiles is a popular trend. It is these neutral choices that give this design its impersonal and stark effect that is so much admired. Continuing this minimalist effect are chrome fittings and faucets with no room for bright colours in this design philosophy. One does find some relief for personal choice when it comes to buying the bath mats, curtains and towels. Once again though, do not mix in bright colours. Play around with fabric rather, which brings the necessary touches of softness in the harsher background. These latest trend should most certainly bring those admiring glances from visitors to your home.


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